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Smart Cities India Awards 2017

Smart Cities India Awards is an annual event designed to felicitate, recognize and encourage individuals, policy makers, companies, government bodies and associations working behind the successful execution of the mammoth dream of developing 100 smart cities and rejuvenation of 500 cities in India. The award recognizes pioneering projects that aim to make cities more liveable, sustainable and economically viable by honouring best practices and models in the smart cities concept. The objective is to foster the development of future cities enhancing quality of life, innovation, competitiveness and efficient management.

Smart Cities India Awards 2017 will be organised on May 12, 2017 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

Smart Cities India Awards 2017 Categories

Smart city project

This award category recognizes the city project that integrates upgradation and innovation for sustainable economic growth from but not limited to the following sectors:
  Urban development
  Mobility and transportation
  Safety and surveillance

Safe city

This award category includes small and large projects executed in a city by any private company, government/ association combining video surveillance, monitoring and providing information in real-time or in anticipation of risks through
  Video analytics and surveillance
  City surveillance
  Fire detection
  Crowd flow monitoring
  Customer tracking
  Internet of Everything enabling safe city concept
  Security integration in traffic management
  Managing network security

Smart ICT award

This category recognizes and encourages development of innovative ICT tools and digital transformation through mobile applications. This category invites entries from organisations, individuals, academia, non-profit entities, government and PSU bodies involved in integrating people, processes and data to achieve business transformation and growth. By using the power of ICT helping in transforming business processes, improving delivery of public services and creating a positive impact on society. Initiatives undertaken towards development of the city by providing core infrastructure and a decent quality of life to its citizens. With the objective of providing affordable, scalable and disruptive ICT led solutions, this category includes;
  Smart solutions to provide a sustainable environment and drive economic growth
  Mobile apps and digital innovation
  Innovation in E-governance
  Innovation in E-learning & education by improving content, design, delivery and assessment of academic learning
  Innovation in healthcare facilities making it accessible & reasonable
  Innovative tools for skilling & training

Green building award

This category recognizes the initiatives for developing and promoting healthy, sustainable, environment friendly, energy and water efficient residential/commercial establishments that;
  Reduce utility costs
  Use recycled, renewable and/or reclaimed materials
  Uses less water
  Optimises energy efficiency
  Conserves natural resources
  Generates less waste
  Provides healthier spaces for occupants

Architectural design award

This award category invites application from different associations, organizations and individuals who have conceptualized and have helped in designing the project, locality, neighbourhood or city. It includes:
  Showcasing smart and sustainable architecture/designs
  Offering smart infrastructure solutions
  Use of green and renewable energy in designs
  Improving livability and use of spaces
  Innovative designs and technology used in architecture

Smart urban mobility award

The award recognizes the efforts/programmes of public and private companies in mobility (automotive, aviation and logistics), energy (oil and gas, utilities, alternatives) and chemicals. The project explores in-depth three specific areas at the intersection of mobility and energy: alternative fuels, energy efficiency, and the electrification of transportation (hybrid vehicles). The category will include:
  Improving existing transport system
  Building smart and interconnected transport system
  Improving communication, integration and efficiency of transport system
  Promoting and implementing green and sustainable mobility
  Improving public transportation

Smart energy award

This award category invites application from utilities, companies, organisations, institutions for providing various solutions like smart grid and smart metering. Initiatives include:
  Smart lighting solutions introduced
  Energy asset management initiative
  Innovative methods introduced to reduce energy consumption or cost, etc.
  Organisations/departments using energy resource asset management to use resources optimally
  Introducing new business/financial models for sustainable grid and metering solutions

Smart village award

This award category recognizes village project that integrates upgradation and upliftment of various (socio-economic, infrastructure, etc.) facilities for making life smooth and accessible for the villagers. Projects executed may include but not limited to:
  Infrastructure: projects undertaken for supply of water, roads, toilets, recreational areas or re-lifting the rural face of the village
  Mobility and transportation: helping villages connect with other nearby villages or cities
  Energy: projects undertaken for providing power and electricity supply in villages
  Education: any literacy programmes designed for children, women, senior citizen, etc.
  Safety and surveillance: projects undertaken for safety and surveillance of villagers
  Health: projects executed for providing right and 24x7 healthcare to the villagers, successful projects/programmes for reduction of female feticide, infanticide, sex education etc.

Smart water project

This award category recognizes projects and initiatives undertaken by companies, organisations and individuals to build sustainable water projects helping to conserve water resources; provide safe and clean drinking water, community owned water projects. Initiatives include:
  Water access projects
  Water management and treatment projects
  Technologies and equipment
  Providing safe and clean drinking water
  Waste water management (re-cycling and re-use)
  Industrial water re-use

Solid waste management project

This award category recognizes projects and initiatives undertaken for collection, transport, treatment and disposal of waste together with monitoring. Solid waste relates to all kinds of waste, whether generated during the extraction of raw materials, the processing of raw materials into intermediate and final products, the consumption of final products, or other human activities. Projects executed may include but not limited to:
  Waste handling and transport
  Disposal solutions
  Recycling and re-use
  Energy and resource recovery
  Avoidance and reduction methods
  Latest technologies to tackle waste

The 1st Smart Cities India Awards 2016 had registered 130 entries with 11 winners under 9 categories.
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